Reconnecting with me , or trying to reconnect

Today My Husband did something special for me, but I feel that he has no Idea what it means to me. it brought me so much joy
Too many people would think not much about going bush but for me, it was very special.
We went out bush, yes I know it does not sound anything exciting but for me, it was what I needed, once I re-connected with the bush a felt so emotional and I had a tear of release.
it was not as long as I felt he really did not want to do it but we got a small load of wood and left.
I loved being out there, but I felt like I was intruding in his special place. so I need more time out the bush so I am going to have to find a way to do it on my own.

That is one of the many things that are different in this marriage, with my first hubby there was not his thing or my thing we did everything together for 30 years, going wooding it was the best, camping, the yard, the housework, cooking everything we were a team, so I am still learning that things are not the same and never will be. Brad was on his own for many years and is like he does not know how to be a team with me, but he is certainly a team with his friends.
To me, we are number 1, and everyone else is number 2, but to him, his mates are number 1 and I am number 2, that is how it feels. but he does not realize that he is doing it
I know that he loves me, but maybe I expect too much.
I certainly don’t want anyone else in my life as a woman I have the men that I want when he is there.
Is hard as I know that I am not an easy person to live with, I sometimes forget to ask his opinion as well so I need to learn how to be a team player too.

All I am saying is, take the time to reconnect with your self, acknowledge what is not right and try and work with it, no one is perfect.
I do Love Brad but I am still learning to build our lives together. all I can do is keep working with it and hope he feels the same, never take your partner for granted, treat them the way you would like to be treated, I am sure we got a long life so there will always be ups and down, but as long as we talk about it without judgement we will be ok.


New way to connect

Hi all well I have joined Zodiac Psychic to make me more available to people, here is the link .

I also do Skype and Facebook Video readings which I prefer to be able to talk to you and see you . for payment, you deposit into my pay pal account prior to the readings.
I trully love what I do so I hope you call me

Journey to Maui

In 29 days¬† Brad My Husband and I will be traveling to Maui in Hawaii just in case you don’t know where that is.

I am very excited to go there, as you all know I travel where ever I am invited to share the love and Knowledge that I been blessed with.

I will be staying :

The garden is
638 Kekaulike Ave
Kula, Maui, HI 96790

I am so Looking forward to it I have googled it so I could have a good read about this beautiful magical place call Maui.

Not sure how is all going to work but I trust spirit, as I know it will never send me where I don’t need to be.

For My Husband Brad it will be something new, as I am not sure if he really knows what I am like when I travel to share my Knowledge.


I truly hope that I am able to translate many peoples life and also so excited about teaching a Spiritual Path.

My Business name is Selva’s Faith, Hope & Achievement and I am a Reverend of the Awakening Light Path¬† Spiritualist Church.

My whole lives revolve around what I do as that is who I get.

I trust that spirit always takes me where I need to be.


Love and light to all


One day at the time

At the Moment I am going a day at the time, life is challenging at times and we need to adapt to what presents itself for whatever reason.
My Most important in my Life are MY SELF, My Work, My Husband, My Children my Grandchildren, My Mum. Not necessary in this order.
There is not enough time in a day to deliver the love that I feel I need to deliver to all of them.
At Times I feel I am not honoring any of them as at the Moment I can’t plan anything cause there are so many situations beyond my control so all I can do is one day at the time.
So Much that I am not able to Commit to Boodi (shop) in Bunbury and my Meditation group is taking a back seat for a little while.
So I am Available for Private sessions Readings and Healings at Collie at the moment Only and Manjimup once a month.
I can do Skype, Hangout, Facebook Video Readings only

So you all understand if I can’t be there for you it is because at the moment it is difficult to predict what is coming my way so, ONE DAY AT THE TIME


I am so great for the Journey that I am taking in this Life time , I have the Honor to deliver and translate peoples life to help them find their direction and to have hope and strengthen their faith
2018 is a big year for me as I have been given the oportunity to visit Beautiful Maui, as we all Know Hawaii is a beautiful spiritual Place , so I feel honored to be invited .I am hoping to run Private sessions there and hopefuly a small personal developement and meditation . I will be there for 3 weeks in September , click on this link and you will see where I will be working from

Life, Changes and acceptance

Life is constantly changing, but is not easy to accept the changes so we fight it and make it harder for our selves.
So 2018 is the Master year and the year of the Dog.
what does that mean, it means many things , a Master year 11 such an important space to be in the world today, you can achieve so much in a Master year, is a year of truth like you never seen it before, is a year of strength to face all your fears, and conquer all your dream, but this year 2018 is also the year of the dog , so that makes t the year of loyalty, relationship , honesty and delivery.
Next week is the Chinese new years celebration so celebrate if you remember cause I feel that this year begins after the Chinese new years , so during this week coming prepare your self for the wonderful year ahead……