X’mas Message

Every day this week I have sat down to write, on how the world  delivers Xmas. and I am sorry to say , that it has become a Materialistic holiday , where people are creating problem for them selves trying to get the best present ever. But they are missing the point .

the best X’mas present is you.

Share a meal, sing a song dance a little just be together.

X’mas is the celebration of a Baby  that was born and it was wonderfully gifted and able to show us the way of truth love and light .

wishing you all the happiest of X’mas may you have the gathering of Family and friends


Overcoming a set back


To Trust is a big thing . once trust is lost it is very difficult to regain.

Just lately I really trusted someone to organize a tour to be able to share the love and knowledge with all that are ready to meet them selves and awaken their potentials .

She informed me that she did a number of things only to find out that they were all lies

She never has the decency to front up  than  she still wanted to do another destination and I declined as I lost TRUST.

I can be your best friend as long as we are honest with each other , but once you broken that trust is over, so she rang me and wanted to meet to prove that she could not help the situation , so I  agreed to meet , but no show again .

but is a Lesson for me , even when we trust we need to double check.

Besides that I have had a wonderful few days at a Friends place , it has given me a chance to get to know him.

What ever happens in your life don’t let it change you believe or hold you back .

Take a step back and re-asses you plan and give it a fresh start .

I will send this person love and strength and I hope she can find her truth and peace.

Love and Light everyone

Walking together


we live in a world that we need to learn to walk together 13909314_1362307330465318_3266077171755776188_o.jpg

We need to learn to listen to each other as we all need one another in some way . 11703039_10153402798113908_6305097368921292391_n

So lets walk together so we can support one another and grow in Harmony

we never walk alone as Spirit is  with us to protect us , all we need to do is listen

Sharing Knowledge of love


This beautiful group of people are beautiful practitioners that I have the pleasure to do sound healing with


This is my beautiful healing group in Darwin all this ladies have great Potentials , they Have  a beautiful energy , wonderful healers. to work with them is magical 13876423_10208884166514254_5478585957070086963_n

This  is my newest group  of wonderful gifted  people  that have the ability to embrace intuitively the Tarot so they will be able develope their channeling gift to their full potential , to work with them it is very special .

I love sharing  the love and knowledge that I have been blessed with .

Looking forward to create more groups that are committed as this groups.

If you have a group of friends that are wanting to AWAKEN Their SPIRITUALITY

Call on Rev: Selva Dutton , I am always ready to share the love and knowledge that I have been blessed with

Love and Light, to all