I am so great for the Journey that I am taking in this Life time , I have the Honor to deliver and translate peoples life to help them find their direction and to have hope and strengthen their faith
2018 is a big year for me as I have been given the oportunity to visit Beautiful Maui, as we all Know Hawaii is a beautiful spiritual Place , so I feel honored to be invited .I am hoping to run Private sessions there and hopefuly a small personal developement and meditation . I will be there for 3 weeks in September , click on this link and you will see where I will be working from


Life, Changes and acceptance

Life is constantly changing, but is not easy to accept the changes so we fight it and make it harder for our selves.
So 2018 is the Master year and the year of the Dog.
what does that mean, it means many things , a Master year 11 such an important space to be in the world today, you can achieve so much in a Master year, is a year of truth like you never seen it before, is a year of strength to face all your fears, and conquer all your dream, but this year 2018 is also the year of the dog , so that makes t the year of loyalty, relationship , honesty and delivery.
Next week is the Chinese new years celebration so celebrate if you remember cause I feel that this year begins after the Chinese new years , so during this week coming prepare your self for the wonderful year ahead……


The family is Important, we are born into a family, they are blood a true connection, and they are important to us, but we have less tolerance for our closest relatives, Why is that?We grow and we make friends and they become more important than them, Why?

Is it because they reflect what we want, or is it cause they are ready to tag along for the ride.

Let’s look at our Parents if it was not for them we would not be having this conversation.

They take care of us for the first 10 years of our lives, then we get to double figures and we think we know it all and we challenge them, Why? I know I was a challenge  Child my parents had a hard time sometimes with me, I would question everything. But I knew that if Mum said NO my Dad would say yes and I use to take advantage of that.  My poor Mother would try to get me t understand but I would not listen, but my  Dad believed that we learned from our mistakes.

I count my blessings, that I had good parents coming from a big family is always fun.         I left home when I was young, in a way I wish a did not but in another I am glad.                 The last 10 year, I feel I have got closer to my Mum more than ever, I always felt distance from   my Family, I do Love my family and if they need me I like to be there if they call me, but I never call them  I have always felt that they are too busy and they don’t care  and I feel sad about that.

I have been living in Collie for a very long time, and they have only visit for Funerals and weddings.  I had my family there with Brett and my four children, I took care f them the best way I could and Brett did what he could. Once we  needed to go to Sydney as My Brother was in his last days and I really wanted to say good bye to him, it was so hard to leave my children with a family, I have never forgiven my self for that as I feel affected them  to be separated, To My children I am sorry for that. I never left them with strangers again.

I Created a Family with Brett and my four children in Collie, I took care f them the best way I could and Brett did what he could. Once we  needed to go to Sydney as My Brother was in his last days and I really wanted to say good bye to him, it was so hard to leave my children with a family, I have never forgiven my self for that as I feel affected them  to be separated, To My children I am sorry for that. I never left them with strangers again.

Considering everything my children have done well for them selves and I am proud, I can call on any of my children and they would be there for me.

As you all  I became a widow 9 years ago and it was my children and a couple of close friends that helped me through, my grand children were my inspiration. I am so Blessed to start a new family with Brad Dutton, we been married now for 6 years  and I love him even though, I don’t agree with a  few things  but he is his own person and I am not his Mother, he has a Son \named Joshua who I love as my own and there is nothing I would not do for him , he is an amazing young man, I was so proud to be at his wedding this year him and Jessica make a wonderful couple.

Sitting here with Mum this weekend knowing that I will not have her for ever it has made me realize how lucky I have been to have her for as long as I have  but most of all how much I love my Mum, she has  helped me become who I am today I see my self in her and I am so glad that I do.

Every day with her is a Blessing.

Thank you all for being part of my life in some way.

Love and Light to all




Self time

Personal time is one of the most important  things , why do we forget that.

We get so got up in what is expected from us that we don’t invest  in our selves

Try and take 15 minutes a day just to sit and feel your spirit and connect to your thoughts.

You will be surprise as how much clarity you can create , and how much easier it it is to make decisions.

Than you realise the important of making people a part of your life not your responsibility.

As my children get older I notice how much they don’t need me as they make decisions for them selves , even though at times I can see they are heading the wrong way , I had to learn to let go and let them find their way, as I will always be there when they call on me but I had to learn that i have to wait till I am called.

This has given me the time to Reflect on me and my life , where I am at and what I need and most of all who I am .

I will always be a Mum and I am very happy to be a Grandma, and  happy to be a Wife and a Loyal friend , but what is most important is that I need to be me I need to have my completeness and self understanding , so I am self  INVESTING  .

At the end of the day it me that I am with, it me that I lean to .

It is incredible how you can be in a room and in a relationship and have a family and feel completely alone .

Alone is not a sad word is simply a realisation that your self is all you have and it must be first, when you Die , you do it on your own when you are Born you do it on your own, so you need to be ready with your self to accept those transitions with love and ease.

So Start today , don’t be scared be number ONE make sure you say Yes to your self 



that is when we start to grow .

we never have all the answers, but we certainly have the questions.

Remember that a child might have the answer as well


There are Opportunities all around us  but sometimes we are blind and we don’t see them , or is it, that we don’t want to see them ?

We get got in our emotions sometimes and we son’t see what is right in front of us .

Mainly cause we need to change  or we need to step out of our comfort zone.

We are never offered or create what w can’t handle , is only our own fears or lack self believe that prevents us from moving forward.

So remember there are no Mishaps, there are only lessons to learn, there are no Mistakes only steps to learn to climb along the way .

Have a go at everything believe in you self .

                                                        YOU CAN DO IT 

Sharing Life

Sharing life , you would think that is easy but is so hard sometimes .
you can spend time with someone and not know how to reach them .
the silence , you find your self conversing with your self .
To share a day , an emotion a smile could do so much . A simple hello is good to see you when you arrive . an Offer of a drink or food if you are having something . It does not seem like much but it is so important to feel that you are part of each others world .
Specially when there is silence and no communication , than someone visits and the other party has lots to say to others but nothing to you .

It is important to share , now days people sit on their phone and games and the silence is building more and more, that make me sad.
We are Human and we need to be connected, sometimes we pay more attention to our pets than our Partner.
That is not good , cause that is how we start reaching out out side our relationship, for communication and companionship .

I am fortunate to have my Work as , I feel lonely at times . I have one of those Partners that never has anything to say , I know he cares , he tells me he loves me , he tells me that he misses me when we are not together yet when we are it is very lonely sometimes .
I do Care for my Partner very much , infarct I do Love him .
But sometimes I feel is it enough, am I enough for him.
I am a very loving person and I need to feel loved and that I am number 1, and He is very individual he needs to know that I am there he doesn’t need me to make him number one , Or Does He?. I don’t know .

Many relationships now days have challenges in communication, I feel that is why there are so many affairs and divorce now day , is like we have forgotten how to be in a relationship .
Think about it………………….

I am Glad that even though I get lonely and sometimes i feel likes his friends and the dog are more important than me , there are times that he makes me feel that we are OK.
I plan to grow old together but also I pray that we can strengthen our connection to.

I do Miss him when I am away and I do miss him when he is not in Bed with me , I am not interested in anyone else as I can be my self with him , and I feel that is important .

Take care of who ever you share your life with give them a hug let them know they are a very important part of your life .

Love and light everyone