There are Opportunities all around us  but sometimes we are blind and we don’t see them , or is it, that we don’t want to see them ?

We get got in our emotions sometimes and we son’t see what is right in front of us .

Mainly cause we need to change  or we need to step out of our comfort zone.

We are never offered or create what w can’t handle , is only our own fears or lack self believe that prevents us from moving forward.

So remember there are no Mishaps, there are only lessons to learn, there are no Mistakes only steps to learn to climb along the way .

Have a go at everything believe in you self .

                                                        YOU CAN DO IT 

Sharing Life

Sharing life , you would think that is easy but is so hard sometimes .
you can spend time with someone and not know how to reach them .
the silence , you find your self conversing with your self .
To share a day , an emotion a smile could do so much . A simple hello is good to see you when you arrive . an Offer of a drink or food if you are having something . It does not seem like much but it is so important to feel that you are part of each others world .
Specially when there is silence and no communication , than someone visits and the other party has lots to say to others but nothing to you .

It is important to share , now days people sit on their phone and games and the silence is building more and more, that make me sad.
We are Human and we need to be connected, sometimes we pay more attention to our pets than our Partner.
That is not good , cause that is how we start reaching out out side our relationship, for communication and companionship .

I am fortunate to have my Work as , I feel lonely at times . I have one of those Partners that never has anything to say , I know he cares , he tells me he loves me , he tells me that he misses me when we are not together yet when we are it is very lonely sometimes .
I do Care for my Partner very much , infarct I do Love him .
But sometimes I feel is it enough, am I enough for him.
I am a very loving person and I need to feel loved and that I am number 1, and He is very individual he needs to know that I am there he doesn’t need me to make him number one , Or Does He?. I don’t know .

Many relationships now days have challenges in communication, I feel that is why there are so many affairs and divorce now day , is like we have forgotten how to be in a relationship .
Think about it………………….

I am Glad that even though I get lonely and sometimes i feel likes his friends and the dog are more important than me , there are times that he makes me feel that we are OK.
I plan to grow old together but also I pray that we can strengthen our connection to.

I do Miss him when I am away and I do miss him when he is not in Bed with me , I am not interested in anyone else as I can be my self with him , and I feel that is important .

Take care of who ever you share your life with give them a hug let them know they are a very important part of your life .

Love and light everyone

One day at the time

We all say take it one day at the time , it is so easy to say but hard to do for some .

We live in a world with high expectation and so much pressure sometimes , that we would love to take it one  day at the time , and we can .

So try not to over commit to things , learn the power of :


I will think about it ,

I see how  gow ,

if I feel like it ,

will let you know.

Take the pressure of your life , don’t allow yourself to feel obligated to anyone .

Don’t say no to yourself by feeling obligated to say yes to others.

Take the time to ask yourself :

Do I want to do this 

Am I interested in this 

How do I feel about this.

How does this effect me 

If the answers are:

Yeah that feels god 

I feel so happy

 that really make me happy

 that really going to help me .

Than go ahead  and do it .

Put your self first and the right people will be there with you .

Love and Light everyone

Accepting what is

We all spend so much time trying to understand our journey.

Without realizing it we make it more difficult .

If we could just be , and feel our true feeling on every experience we would have a much better understanding  of who we are .

Every day has something to offer but we miss it sometimes cause we are thinking of yesterday , so we need to accept this very moment that we are in as the past is gone and can not be change , and a experience cannot be recreated .

We can do the same thing time and time again but it will be  different every time.

Sometimes is different cause we  get better at things the more we do it other time s is different cause our frame of  mind is different .

this last 2 weeks in Bali that is what I decided to do , is accept each day as its presents it self .

Living in the now.

Love and Light to all

Life Changes all the time

Life changes continually as we change , everyday .

we are never the person we were yesterday, as today is a new day with new energy and connections .

we are continually evolving but sometimes we don’t become aware that we are , until an even takes place and we see the difference in our selves .

What ever change we make that comes from with in is always the right change and it always goes smoothly.

When we make changes according to other sometime they don’t feel right , but because we sometimes value other before our selves we put our selves through challenges.

Robyn Williams just brought a new song out , I LOVE MY LFE , take the time to listen to the words it is a very inspiring song

Love and Light everyone


Roles we play and shouldn’t

Life is so interesting sometime , we live the way we think we should sometimes and we forget to personalize our lives.

I use my self as an example .

My first marriage I had 4 fantastic children a Husband that loved me to no end a home . very early in the marriage 5 years in My husband had an accident at work and was not able to work again  .

We swap roles , but did we?

He was home with the children and I started travelling doing what I love to do that was good, My Husband was home taking care of the children, But.

When I cam home I had to catch up on all the house work Prepare meals for when I was away not all but enough for a few day, Why did I do that ?

I did that because apparently it was a woman job to keep house  etc etc etc, you see if the house was not tidy people would say , Gee she does not keep her house well  , etc, etc .

But they forgot that I was out trying to earn a living for a better future for my family . My Husband he had it good , he could drink  catch up with his mates  not care, and I let him . till one day he said we don’t have enough money , and I said well maybe if you cut down on your drinking  and smoking we might ? I remember a few times that I needed a pair of Bra or a dress or even shoes, I would not get it because the children needed something, we were that broke that sometimes  worry  about how we were gong to make it , but if my Husband wanted to go out drinking  he did and then he would complain about how little money we had , so I said to him , o from no on you handle all the  Finances even the Shopping . that was good  than I started thinking why am i killing my self working and keeping up with everything  , so I said to my self well if the Kitchen is not clean when I come home we will have take aways   , that made it easier ,  but then I said that is ok but not solving the problem , so I explain to my Husband , is not a WOMAN’S job to do everything in a Marriage  we are a team I don’t want my Boys to grow up thinking that their partners are their maid .so he brought me a Dishwasher , lol it helped but he didn’t get it . but when the kids grew up and started leaving home he realized then .

Our Jobs as Parents is to teach our children to cook , clean , Budget and respect and value what we have  so they can cope with the world out side .

So I hope that My children don’t have role play in their homes , I hope that they work together with their partners  and keep house together ,take care of the children together support one another 200%, and when it comes to money I hope they take responsibility and know , that sometimes we need to think before we spend , we don’t have to spend hundreds on Drinks  , we don’t need to keep up with the Jones’s as they say . All we need to do is to live honestly with each other  and not expect more than we expect from our selves with our partner,


Marriage  mostly fail due to Unfaithfulness and taking a Partner for Granted

Please think about the Love you have and help it grow  , don’t drown it


X’mas Message

Every day this week I have sat down to write, on how the world  delivers Xmas. and I am sorry to say , that it has become a Materialistic holiday , where people are creating problem for them selves trying to get the best present ever. But they are missing the point .

the best X’mas present is you.

Share a meal, sing a song dance a little just be together.

X’mas is the celebration of a Baby  that was born and it was wonderfully gifted and able to show us the way of truth love and light .

wishing you all the happiest of X’mas may you have the gathering of Family and friends