I was just sitting at home this morning , thinking how times just gets away from us .

We need to be aware of that , we all have the habit of leaving things till later , what if there is no later.

I am 61 now , I don’t feel 61at times i feel 100 and at times I feel 35, I look at my Children and Grandchildren and I ask , where did the time go , I have been Blessed with the best Children and Grandchildren anyone could wish for.

Jut to think of all the changes that have happen in the last 14 years alone .

I became a widow

I re Married

My Dad Transformed into an Angel

My Mum Transformed into an Angel

I recently sold my Shop, soon I am moving to Perth

I am one of the lucky ones as I get to work in the industry that I Love .

Everyday I translate peoples lives and teach Meditation and deliver Healing , I been Blessed

Is good to sometimes sit and look at where you have travelled in your life.

Love and Light everyone


This Year we decided to rebirth the Binningup Weekends, the last one was in October 2005 .

2021 is time to Rebirth the Binningup weekends and share the love again, these weekends are all about reconnecting to a truest form and awaken our true spiritual potential.

We had our first on on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February , a small group of 20 beautiful people connected and learned , and laught and cried and balanced, it was so good to be atr Binningup once again in that peaceful space, the youngest person was 22 in the group as you all know these weekends are for all ages and they can be a family affair.

In the past we have done commitment ceremonies, Naming ceremonies and many blessing days , the cost still affordable to all accomodation and food included exept for friday night that we have a bring and share night

The beach is nice and close so you are able to take walks in a true peaceful space .

We have 5 wonderful Practitioners that are ready for 1on1 or for group teaching , you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to you can just receive and enjoy the ambient .

Our next Binningup Weekend will be in July , but we are only taking 40 people so we can still have a beautiful Personal space .

the group that cam in February are returning in july so if you are interested you will need to book soon , a deposit of 10% is needed to secure your spot .

if you would like to know more call us on 0457159276

Love and light

Accepting Changes in Life


We all go through so many changes in life, that we are constantly evolving whether we want to or not.

My self, my life has been a roller-coaster especially December and January.
December my Beautiful Mother was back in Hospital but this time we knew it was a point of no return, Watching my Beautiful Mother my Bestest of friends, the person that I could open my heart to, fade away, it awakens so many emotions. I found my self reliving the loss of my first Husband Brett, the loss of my baby, the loss of my Father, the loss of my Brother, the loss of my Brother in law, the loss of my uncles and the loss of my first Mother in Law.
You think you have dealt with all these emotions, but you find that have not.

I felt so alone, even though everyone was around.
To top it all off I am going through a Personal Health challenge for the third time.
As many of you know is very hard when you look ok on the outside, but inside you are disintegrating.

When you go through this type of experience in life, becomes challenging in so many ways.
You become aware of how you want your Partner and your closes people to step up, make life that little bit better.

I love my work, I am very passionate about it so that is what is keeping me going.

We live in a world that revolves about money whether we like it or not.
So if you are not at your best, when you have the financial pressure with it, it makes all double hard.

So Please don be too quick to judge people, you never know the load they are carrying, they might look great on the outside, but that might not be the case.

My Mum’s passing has hit me hard and I think is because she has always been there for me.
She was there for support, emotionally and you can’t put a price on that.

Mum was never in a financial situation to help, but she was always there to make things better.

I have a rough road ahead, but I will get through as the good Lord will decide what my journey is.
I can still hear my mum say

“Chin up there a people in a worse situation than you, and you are Strong and I Love you and my Love will see you through”

I use to sleep with my Mum whenever I visit her, we would talk all night, we would laugh, cry so at 59 my Mum’s bed was the best place.

Please don’t take your loved ones for granted cause one day, they will not be there.

Yes, and I know that she has transformed into Spirit and she is around me all the time but is not the same.

So if you have not called your Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister or friend today, DO SO or at least send them a message

Do not box anything

Remember no one is more than you or less than you we are all in our own space for what we need to be at.

Don’t let your self or anyone box in, accept the day as it presents itself, as there are learnings every day.

we are like a wonderful jigsaw parcel, if we fit into our own space we can make a beautiful creation but if we try to fit in someone else’s space we would ruin the picture, but together it can be magical, every day is a new painting be in your spot and support other to find their spot.

Love and Light everyone



Lives Learning

Been a Parent is always hard and as your kids get older it gets harder sometimes.
I have 4 wonderful grown children, with families of their own.
I miss them in my life but is learning that they have their own lives.
I also have 4 step-children 2 that I have the pleasure to know a bit and they are taking charge of their lives and the other 2 well, never had the chance to know them maybe one day.

A Parent’s biggest challenge is trying to keep it all together and learning that sometimes there is not a good connection with an in-law but you have to accept t if it makes your child happy. just like I ask my children to accept my partner I have to accept theirs.
I need to be part of my children’s lives as I believe they need me in their.

so I feel that 2020 is a year of starting again, I am going to let go of all the issues and start fresh.

Let the past be in the Past , I just hope that I am met halve way .
Family is important to me ..
Love and Light to all

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Accepting my roll in life

Hi Everyone, I have not written here in a long time, life gets so busy.
The last 4 months it has been a roller coaster.
I got my Hypnotherapy certificate and I almost got my Celebrants course finished, almost there.
I have been doing spiritual weddings and naming ceremonies and funerals for over 30 years so I decided, to do what was needed to be able to do Legal weddings. Also being a Minister of the Spiritualist Church, I Love, I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love as a way of work.
Every day is a blessing.
My Profession is not about Money is about Life and helping people where is needed, yes I do charge for a few of my services as I also have bills and Mortgage like anyone else and while I am doing my work I can’t work in other work, but I also do a lot for free. I had a huge problem charging, but that is when a client told me, “Selva take this money, for your time your work, being a life translator and healer is no different than being a counselor so accept the money you have worked for it
This is all I ever wanted to do, when I was a child I use to pretend to talk to the congregation and guide them and deliver the word of spirit, it was a lonely life at, and still is at times.

People don’t understand sometimes that you can be spiritual but still be connected to the world.

So when you get up in the morning be thankful for who you are and where you are, cause it is what you created, and you have the choice to change if you need to. I know is not easy at times but it is worth it at the end.

I am Proud of who I am and what I do “

Parenting is a Life contract till death do us to part

Being a Parent never ends, some people think that once your children grow up and they move away and start a family of their own you are done.
But that is not true, that is actually when you realize how much you need your children in your life. That is why being a grandparent is important, so then your children can see the best of you. Our grandchildren bring us joy, not because we love them more than our children, it is because all we need to do is love them cause our children are responsible for them as we were responsible for our children, I love being a Grandma but my Children, I need more than ever. we are not here forever so don’t waste time with small issues don’t let them take your happiness, make time for family. I am blessed.

It is so Interesting as we watch our children and sometimes we see, how they have forgotten what is like to be a child.

We have Babies from 0 to 12 months than we have  Toddlers from 12 to 3 and than Childhood from 3 to 12 than the teen years start.

13 to 17 is such a difficult age as they are too old for kid stuff and too young to be an adult, but they want to be treated like adults.

I feel that we should as that is the apprentership of adulthood.

We need to listen and start including them in some  adult decisions

So if you have a teenager remember, that you were that age to, try to remember how you felt..

This is very important,  because if we don’t listen and integrate them into adulthood.

They will turn to strangers.

So Please think about this. I have been dealing with troubled teen ages lately and I have found that in 70% of them, are feeling rejected by family and they turn to strangers that don’t care.

So parenting is a full life contract

Love and light.





Time Off

Well as  you all know I am in Maui, came here to do some readings , meditation teaching , but I get here and Lane Rocks Up , (Hurricane)

Well we survived it , that is a joke in it self .

So it has delayed everything for me.

But I been playing tourist here and sleeping a lot a real lot .

I must have been more tired than I imagine.

The last time that this happen to me was on my trip to Brazil in 1999.

For my first week there I slept every chance I got on the first week, than the second week everything started to move , I think that is waht is happening here .

I am so at peace here, is hard to explain.

To be here with Brad, Kevin,Corinne, Austin and Mr Warren is so good.

I think one of the best things is I am living the Local life  and that is what I like.

I cant believe that the drinking age is 21 here but you can  buy Alcohol everywhere,Chemist, Deli, Supermarket , Target.

The only thing I am missing is My Darts, and we are going to go for a Game soon in a few days.

I do Miss my Kids, Grandies,Mum,Pets, and some special people , but that is not bad as we have internet and we keep in contact that way so that is OK.

We have been doing a fair bit of Sight seeing and love that.

I could comfortable live here, but we do have commitments at home so, I be happy to visit when ever possible.

This week I am hoping to get out there and drum up some work.

I am not sure why I am here but so Glad that I am , and I am loving  Spending time with Brad, we needed that.

I hope you are doing exactly what you like to do Life is to short enjoy every moment and enjoy each person you meet, I am so Grateful to be here

Love and light

Maui and Hurricane Len

Well, here we are in Maui waiting for the arrival of Len the Hurricane.
I am sure you all heard about the calm before the Storm well that is what is happening
The sky is clear the birds are singing is beautiful and peaceful here.
We had our first warning came at 5.30am but I never heard it but I heard the 6am one
then I got up to see whats next.
Kevin was good and explained that it was first warnings but it will not be here for another 24hours so plenty of time to get ready.
so today is washing day getting things done just in case we lose power and water for a little while.
All running smooth
Now energetically is very different there seems to be like an inner peace around.
you can feel the ground and trees preparing, the trees have lifted their branches and that is a sign of rain the ants and running around collecting stuff preparing to hide.

I am calm and at peace with it all atm.
Certainly a new experience.

Love and light to all and special love and energy to Hawaii